The first six months are the "main growth phase". They require high quality protein and nutrients.

The next 6- 12 months require a reduced protein content to help prevent any growth disorders.

Now fully grown, finding the right diet to match their energy requirements is key. 

Now in old age, diets with a lower fat and phosphorus are needed.

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Soft Snack Mini New Zealand (Lamb) 100g

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Gluten Free recipe with Lamb

• Stomach friendly

• Without added Sugar

• Without preservatives

• Soft Snacks in a heart-shaped kibble

The soft Snack Mini New Zealand in heart shape is ideal for spoiling your favourite or as a small meal in between. Pure lamb and easily digestible rice are extremely well tolerated, especially stomach and intestine friendly. The gluten-free recipe is also ideal for sensitive and demanding small breed dogs. The snacks are made without the addition of sugar and preservatives and have a practical re-seal for long-lasting freshness. 

Analytical components

Crude protein 17.0%, crude fat 9.0%, crude fiber 2.0%, crude ash 8.5%.


  • Vegetable by-products
  • Lamb protein * (16%)
  • Rice flour
  • Corn flour
  • Corn
  • Rice protein *
  • Chicken fat
  • Liver hydrolyzate
  • Sunflower oil
  • Potassium chloride
  • Rapeseed oil
  • Yeast*
  • Sodium chloride
  • Dry whole egg
  • Seaweed*
  • Mussel meat *
  • Yeast * (extracted);

*) dried


Vitamins / kg: Vitamin A (3a672a) 9500 IU, Vitamin D3 (3a671) 950 IU, Taurine (3a370) 400 mg; Antioxidant, tocopherol extracts from vegetable oils 1b306 (i). Trace elements / kg: iron (iron (II) sulfate, monohydrate 3b103) 80 mg, copper (copper (II) sulfate pentahydrate 3b405) 8 mg, zinc (zinc oxide 3b603 80 mg, amino acid zinc chelate, hydrate 3b606 20 mg) 100 mg, manganese (manganese (II) oxide 3b502) 20 mg, iodine (calcium iodate, anhydrous 3b202) 1.5 mg, selenium (sodium selenite 3b801) 0.1 mg.