The first six months are the "main growth phase". They require high quality protein and nutrients.

The next 6- 12 months require a reduced protein content to help prevent any growth disorders.

Now fully grown, finding the right diet to match their energy requirements is key. 

Now in old age, diets with a lower fat and phosphorus are needed.

Happy Dog

Vet Struvite

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  • For Struvite stones
  • Urinary tract support
  • Irrigation of the urinary tract
  • PH control

Happy Dog VET Diet Struvit is used to break up struvite stones. It is recommended as a preventive measure in combination with a Happy Dog complete food product. The main features of this diet are the particularly high-quality protein along with reduced magnesium and phosphorus contents. It results in a clear reduction in urine pH. The slightly elevated sodium content increases water consumption and thus flushing of the urinary tract. The ingredients birch leaves and stinging nettle contained in the Natural Life Concept¨ are traditionally used to supplement conventional urinary tract treatments.

  • Dry food to dissolve struvite stones
  • Prevents struvite stones
  • Flushes the urinary tract
  • Target urine ph: 6.0

Urine-acidifying dietary food for adult dogs to dissolve struvite stones.

With reduced magnesium and phosphorus content. The aim is to significantly reduce the urine pH and dissolve struvite stones. The slightly elevated sodium content increases water consumption and thus flushing of the urinary tract. May be combined with a Happy Dog complete food to prevent the recurrence of struvite stones.


Rice, potato flakes, barley, spelled, poultry protein **, poultry fat, greaves, lamb protein *, beet molasses schnitzel * (sugar-free), liver hydrolysate, hemoglobin *, fish meal, sodium chloride, sunflower oil, apple pomace * (0.7%), dried whole egg, potassium chloride, rapeseed oil , Yeast *, seaweed *, linseed (0.16%), yucca schidigera *, mussel meat * (0.02%), yeast * (extracted), milk thistle, artichoke, dandelion, ginger, birch leaves (0.015%), nettle ( 0.015%), chamomile, coriander, rosemary, sage, liquorice root, thyme (total dry herbs: 0.16%); *) dried **) dried, partially hydrolysed

Analytical components

Crude protein 18.5%, crude fat 9.5%, crude fibre 3.0%, crude ash 5.5%, calcium 0.7%, sodium 0.7%, potassium 0.5%, magnesium 0.055%, phosphorus 0.5 %, Chlorides 1.4%, sulphur 1.1%, omega-6 fatty acids 2.0%, omega-3 fatty acids 0.3%

Additives Vitamins / kg:

 vitamin A (3a672a) 12000 IU, vitamin D3 (E671) 1000 IU, vitamin E (all rac-alpha-tocopheryl acetate 3a700) 75 mg, vitamin B1 (thiamine mononitrate 3a821) 4 mg, vitamin B2 (riboflavin) 6 mg , Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride 3a831) 4 mg, biotin (D (+) - biotin 3a880) 575 mcg, pantothenic acid (calcium D-pantothenate 3a841) 10 mg, niacin (3a314) 40 mg, vitamin B12 70 mcg, choline chloride (3a890 ) 60 mg, L-carnitine (3a910) 200 mg, antioxidants, tocopherol extracts from vegetable oils 1b306 (i). Trace elements / kg: iron (E1, iron (II) sulfate, monohydrate) 110 mg, copper (E4, copper (II) sulfate, pentahydrate) 10 mg, zinc (zinc oxide 3b603 110 mg, amino acid zinc chelate, hydrate 25 mg) 135 mg, manganese (E5, manganese (II) oxide) 25 mg, iodine (calcium iodate, anhydrous 3b202) 2 mg, selenium (E8, sodium selenite) 0.15 mg, amino acids / kg:

Feeding recommendation
Ideal weight dog Normal requirement (g / 24h) Overweight (g / 24h)
2 kg 46 g 42 g
3.5 kg 71 g 65 g
5 kg 93 g 84 g
7.5 kg 127 g 115 g
10 kg 160 g 145 g
15 kg 210 g 190 g
20 kg 260 g 240 g
25 kg 310 g 280 g
30 kg 350 g 320 g
35 kg 395 g 355 g
40 kg 430 g 390 g
45 kg 470 g 420 g
50 kg 520 g 470 g
60 kg 590 g 530 g
70 kg 660 g 600 g
80 kg 750 g 680 g


To prevent struvite stones, mix the food 1: 1 (½ ration each) with normal Happy Dog dry food.

In the case of mixed feeding, please note:
150g wet food corresponds to 43g dry food.

Additional information:
It is recommended to seek the advice of a veterinarian before use or before extending the feeding period. Offer water for free intake. For an optimal stone dissolving effect only the diet should be fed. Additional food should be discussed with the treating veterinarian. For prevention, it is recommended to use the diet mixed with Happy Dog Adult dry food permanently. Unless otherwise recommended by the vet, offer 2 meals per day. The amount of feed must be adapted to the individual metabolism of the animal and may have to be reduced or increased in moderation.

Recommended feeding time:
5 - 12 weeks or until the urine crystals / stones dissolve.